Friday, 29 January 2010

Why Hand Made.........

I find more and more people want something special handmade not mass produced or copied,something no one else has.

{Heirlooms & Memories}
A special occasion or you just want to give someone a special present, the birth of a child, wedding,a new home, All of these are events that mark our lives forever and should be celebrated with a gift you can cherish for a lifetime.Handmade goods received, become heirlooms that hold memories of special times and people.

{Supporting Our Artists}
Artists put their ideas, personality, style, with many diffrent out comes for a artist, often through erro ,trial , sweat, and tears into their work! Supporting artists creates a stronger community and makes special bonds and encourages artistic endeavors.

{Handmade tends to be more green}
Folksy Artist are more conscious of the impact their work will have on the environment and strive to create green items often by using recycled or recyclable materials ad not forgetting just good old Hands no Industrial Machines here!