Saturday, 6 February 2010

~*~ Chiyo ~*~ Talks about her growing Folksy Shop

*Chiyo most favourite item in her shop is this beautiful bright & bold necklace and i think i must agree with her this necklace is stunning!

1.How did you get into jewellry making?
My grandma used to make beaded trees that i was fascinated with (but never been able to do ) and when she stopped making them she gave me her big box of wire and beads all sorted into colours and sparkling, i couldn't wait to get stuck in and made my first bracelet.

2.What inspired you and where do you get your ideas from?
My inspiration can come from anywhere, i can be lying in bed and all of a sudden get and idea for an item of jewellery and then find it hard to get to sleep the rest of the night :) i can be browsing through old carboot sales and find some lovely old pieces of jewellery that i can break down and uprecycle into something fab,or walking and looking at all the beautiful flowers around and thinking how i can replicate this in jewellery. theres lots of inspiration around us.

3.Do you work to trends /seasonal
I don't tend to work to trends, i just make what i like when it comes to me.

4.How would you describe your style?
I desribe my style as being bright bold and fun, i want my jewellery to be fun to wear as they are alot of fun to make.

5.Whats your most favourite item in your shop? is my most favourite piece in my shop, i wanted these vintage enamel flowers for so long and finally bought them, there soo much fun to use, and i think they work great on this necklace.

6.What goals have you set for the future for Chiyo?
I've decided for this year i'm going to promote a lot more and find more time to make items, i'm being featured in makejewellery soon with a necklace,bracelet and matching ring which i'm really looking forward to

7.What tips would you give somebody thinking of setting up a folksy shop?
To anybody thinking of setting up a folksy shop i'd say definately do it, i was undecided whether to join for a long time, but soo glad i finally did, I love Folksy its such a great place to be a part of and very addictive :) Just make sure your pricings right, your pics of your items are great and promote, promote, promote!!

For more information and to check out Chiyo designs click on link below~


  1. Great interview. I love that necklace too :D

  2. It looks great!! thank you for including me :)xxx

  3. Lovely inteview, I have a gorgeous bracelet from Chiyo and get so many comments when wearing it, its really lovely!