Friday, 12 February 2010

Patchworkbutterfly who's dedicated to sharing imaginations and beautiful hand-made things

These cushions are some of lisa favourites from her amazing shop! i love this Artist work its unique fresh vibrant and different!

1.How did you get into your beautiful Handmade cushions ect?
I work as an artist/designer after doing a degree in Fashion a few years ago. I missed making and using cloth and so decided to start sketching with stitches. I am obsessed with drawing. I love the idea of people having little works of individual art on their sofas in the form of cushions.

2.What inspired you and where do you get your ideas from?
I am inspired by the mundane, insane, gossip, beauty, love, life and all the other stuff that surrounds us.

3.Do you work to trends /seasonal
In my non folksy work I am guided loosely by trends, but the work I put in my folksy shop is whatever I am thinking or inspired about at that moment.

4.How would you describe your style?

5.Whats your most favourite item in your shop
My favourite piece is usually the piece I am working on. At the moment I like the dancing queen and miner bird talking vietnamese cushions.

6. What goals have you set for the future for patchworkbutterfly?
My goals are to make things that I hope that individuals will delight in, treasure and desire. Every piece I make is handmade which makes every piece different with it’s own soul. I make things that I hope will raise your spirits every time you see that object, and that touch people in some way. I like to make things that become part of people’s everyday lives that in some way still retain those feelings of wonder, when you first saw, bought or were given them, however long you have had that object. What is the point in making beautiful things if they don’t thrill your fingers, when you touch them.

7.What tips would you give somebody thinking of setting up a folksy shop?
Always make things from the heart, enjoy the creative journey and always find time to go and be inspired by the rest of the world.
For more information and to check out Patchworkbutterfly Designs click link below

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