Saturday, 13 February 2010

PIDGEONSTITCH Designs beautiful objects as quality of workmanship and durability

1.How did you get into your love of Handmade making?
I used to make my dolls clothes when I was very young, this turned into making my own later on and now - well I have enough clothes and don't play with dolls any longer so I'm making bags and other stuff instead!

2.What inspired you and where do you get your ideas from?
I just look at and feel fabrics and match them together and think 'what would this look best as'! This is my favourite part of the design process.

3.Do you work to trends /seasonal
I do think a bit about seasons. Darker and warmer colours in winter, brighter and fresher colours in spring. It can be tricky though as Folksy stuff can be listed for 6 months (if you aren't lucky enough to sell it!). I've recently done Valentines and Mother's Day items (picture of mothers day t-shirt?)

4.How would you describe your style?
Not sure... I'd call it 'neat and colourful' I suppose! I can't make the sort of 'thrown together stylishly' look. I love it, but I can't do it myself!!

5.Whats your most favourite item in your shop?
My favourite is the 'Duck Egg Blue Overnight Bag'. The red one that I liked even more has just been sold! (picture of duck egg blue o'night bag)

6.What goals have you set for the future for PIDGEONSTITCH ?
I simply want to continue to get better known. I like the idea of making more matching items - overnight bags, shoulder bags, washbags etc. I just love things which match each other - like sets of luggage or underwear!!

7.What tips would you give somebody thinking of setting up a folksy shop?
Try selling at a stall before you launch your Folksy shop. It gives you an idea of what goes down well, what sells, whether your prices are right and do people think your stuff is well enough made?

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